Game Dev Skills with Available Courses and Certifications Online

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Part of being a developer is learning the many fields of computer science by yourself, as no four-year degree can cover all of its facets. These online courses serve as additional resources for you and as certifications, you could use to bolster your resume. 

These certifications will undoubtedly help you land that video game job you always wanted. Here are five online courses to help you up-skill or learn new things altogether. 

C# Programming – Unity Game Development Course (Coursera)

Game Dev Skill/s: C# programming, creation of playable games, proficiency in using Unity game engine, object-oriented programming, basics of .NET

This free course from Udemy requires no programming experience to get started. Every developer can take this course whether you are just looking to shift from a different computer science field or a beginner.

A good balance of learning C# and learning Unity is present in this online course. Additionally, this course will let you bridge the things you learned in this course should you choose to move to .NET development, etc. 

Click here to find out more about this course.

C++ Programming – Unreal Engine Development Course (Udemy)

Game Dev Skill/s: C++ programming, use of Git, learn Unreal Engine 4, object-oriented programming, game design principles, etc.

Usually not taught in Computer Science courses, Unreal Engine development is a highly lucrative and high-demand career that some developers may want to take. This course is a fantastic introduction to programming to using the Unreal Engine itself.

This paid course also includes learning how to use Git, a version control and backup system used in the game industry. It also includes in-depth coding patterns, object-oriented programming, physics, and vector math lessons. 

Click here to find out more about this course.

Introduction to Game Design Course (Coursera)

Game Dev Skill/s: Video Game Development, Gameplay, Video Game Design

This course focuses more on the conceptual part of games and game design than the technical side, such as programming or game engines. Topics include exploring how the basic concepts of game design affect how gamers interact with games. 

No programming knowledge is required. Click here to find out more about this course.

Story and Narrative Development for Video Games Course (Coursera)

Game Dev Skill/s you will gain Interactive Storytelling, Video Game Development, Video Game Design, Creative Writing

Video games have evolved as a medium as most have substance in terms of a narrative that they present, which helps move the gameplay forward. This course will help you with video game settings, characters, and the overall structure of the concept of a compelling narrative.

While this course explicitly targets writing and developing a story for video games, it can also be applied to any form of media.

In the last decade, best-selling video games, such as God of War and The Last of Us, have been widely praised for their stories and characters. The narrative has proven to be an essential recipe to a successful game in recent years. Click here to find out more about this course.

Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners (Udemy)

Game Dev Skill/s: Basics of animation, learn how to use Blender, create your 3D models and materials, basic principles of modeling, etc.

In this course, you will learn to use Blender, including creating basic 3D models and using Blender’s physics engine. 

This might be a little out there for a game developer’s skill set, but creating your assets and artwork for video games can be a huge plus for your portfolio and make you stand out when looking for video game jobs. Click here to find out more about this course.

Using These Newly Acquired Skills to Find a Game Development Job

And when you’ve earned the credentials from these courses why not try and find a job that matches your skills? Search for your dream job through our jobs board and join a team of game developers today!

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