Game Dev Jobs, What They Are And The Roles They Play

What Are Game Developer Jobs

In the creation of a video game, there are many puzzle pieces to consider. Within a team, everyone contributes to piece the puzzle that is a video game. There are many types of game dev jobs in the industry, and knowing which one fits your strength is very important. 

When you capitalize on your strengths as a developer, good things are bound to happen. The following are examples of various game dev jobs, what they are, and the roles they play:

Video Game Designer

If you have tons of game ideas bottled up inside you, then being a game designer might pique your interest. Essentially, they conceptualize a game idea and plan the details of these concepts. These details include the storylines, themes, characters, target market and audience, budget, etc. 

A game designer must be a good communicator and someone who can work in teams to execute these concepts fully. They should also be excellent problem-solvers and adaptable to unforeseen changes and issues that might affect their vision while developing a game.

Game Animator

A game animator gives life to the characters of the game. Aside from being creative, an animator should be able to use animation software and techniques to create textures and lighting that would be best suited to the theme or lore of the game. 

Most of all, they should be able to portray realistic movements to the characters for a better gaming experience.      

Software Developer

They are responsible for turning the creative vision of the design into an actual game. Basically, they deal with the nitty-gritty coding side of the game. They also make sure which programming language is best suited for the game, and that every single detail of the game designer’s vision for the game comes to fruition. 

Audio Engineer

Also known as video game sound designers, audio engineers are responsible for the sound effects and music in a game. Casual gamers and players may not appreciate the atmosphere and mood a good soundtrack creates but it surely really helps and gives the game a more artistic feel. 

Audio engineers usually compose a game’s whole library of sounds with some even consisting of actual singers for vocals. An audio engineer’s job also includes editing audio and mixing them according to the game designer’s vision. Once the sound effects are complete, they pass it on to the programmers to add to the game engine.


Writers are probably the most underrated role in the game industry especially with small companies. The job and responsibilities of a writer include writing the script, crafting the narrative of the game, writing hundreds or even thousands of lines of dialogues for many characters. They are integral for a modern video game to be successful.

Game Tester

Contrary to popular belief, game testers don’t just sit and play games all day. It actually involves a lot of hours playing and repetitively doing many things in games such as testing a game’s fishing mechanics to see if it works flawlessly.

Aside from play testing, game testers also document their findings in the form of reports that are sent to the development team. Game testing is a test of attrition and durability as it is a very repetitive process but if you really love the games industry and you have tons of patience, this may be a good role for you.

Level Designer

Ever wonder at how amazing the open world of Breath of the Wild or the outstanding attention to detail in the vast space of Red Dead Redemption 2? That is thanks to the foundational work of the level designer. 

The level designer is primarily responsible for each stage of the game, how it looks before all the textures and graphics are implemented. Being a level designer is no joke and is the most creatively challenging role of any of the game dev jobs as you are staring at a blank canvas with little direction from your game designer or your writer.

Being a game dev isn’t easy if you don’t know how to work with a team. We hope we helped you assess which role is for you. Ready to find open jobs in the game industry? Search through our growing collection of job listings in the game industry and start applying today!

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