Cultural Center of the Philippines Offers Grants of Up to 1.5M PHP for PH Mythology Game Developers

PH Mythology Game Development Grant

The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) announced grants of up to 1.5M PHP (29K USD)for the development of games based on Filipino folktales, myths, and legends.

Grants of up to 2M PHP (38.7K USD) for animation and 330K PHP (6.4K USD) for comics were also announced.

The CCP’s Board of Trustees earmarked a total of 20M PHP development funding with the goal to stimulate the creative economy in the Philippines by providing not just financial support but also technical and educational support for the country’s creative businesses, and content developers to help preserve the cultural heritage of the Philippines.

The CCP says that game development is a flourishing industry in the country and they have the goal to develop original Filipino game content and promote Philippine arts and culture through this grant.

Local game developers can apply for the Game Development Grant from this form.

Game developers can be at any stage of their career and develop their game as a desktop app or for mobile. Content must be derived from the CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art. The proposed digital game should be implemented and completed within the period of six months.

Organizations that are 51% owned by Filipinos and Filipino Indie game developers are eligible for this grant.

Philippine Mythology as Inspiration for Game Developers

The Philippines is home to so many groups of people and cultures with their own myths and legends. The various tribes scattered throughout the country have their own folklore with the magical spirits and powerful gods playing out their roles in fantastic tales and stories.

The Tagalogs for example, had their god Bathala, the supreme being and Mayari, the goddess of the moon who is Bathala’s daughter. You also have the Tagalog mythological figure called Bernardo Carpio who is squeezed between two mountains and causes earthquakes when he tries to free himself.

Further down south you have the Bisaya who believed in Kaptan, the supreme god and Maguayan, the god of the waters.

Philippine Mythological Creatures

What are gods and heroes without villains? If your game requires villains (and why shouldn’t it?), Philippine mythology also has a wealth of characters to draw inspiration from.

The main idea of an evil creature in the Philippines is the Aswang which can look like a vampire or a creature that can cut itself in half so that its top half can fly off with its bat wings and hunt its victim. The image featured in this post is that of the Manananggal (credit to Gian Bernal via Wikimedia Commons).

Game developers can also populate their games with giants called Higante. Or perhaps have your characters interact with mermaids called Sirena.

Another nightmarish creature to draw inspiration for your game is the Tikbalang. A half-horse, half-man creature who tricks travellers and leads them astray.

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